1. The language of communication is English both in college & hostel. Students are permitted to use local language while communicating with patients and their bystanders.
  2. Nursing students are not allowed to go out of the institution without permission.
  3. All nursing students should submit the leave application to the hostel warden on the previous day of leave, and when the students leave and return they should write the time of leaving and return in the out pass book.
  4. Nursing students are expected to keep their rooms clean and are responsible for the general cleanliness of the surroundings.
  5. Students are expected to be well dressed neat and tidy at all times. They should wear churidar in the hostel.
  6. The authorities are not responsible for missing money and valuable things from their rooms. If any loss sustained should be reported immediately to the office.
  7. Ornaments are not allowed to the students, in the college & hostel.
  8. Sickness however slight must be reported to the authorities concerned.
  9. Students are strictly informed not to visit visitors without  permission. No visitors are allowed for night duty students during sleeping hours in day time.
  10. Students are not permitted to receive visitors during duty time in   the ward / class time
  11. Day scholars should handover the phone to the office on the time of arrival at the college. Only Sunday is permitted to use the mobile phone in the hostel.
  12. The outsiders shall never be taken into their own rooms and dining hall.
  13. Students are not allowed to go to the hospital during off duty time unless those authorities call them.
  14. 8.45 PM to 11.30 PM is the study time. Pin drop silence must be observed.
  15. Students should see that the lights and fans are off when they  leave the room.
  16. Students should obtain permission from the principal or hostel  warden for visiting relatives or friends in the wards.
  17. All students are expected to attend Morning Prayer and Holy Mass at 6.00 am and Rosary at 7.15 pm, absentees should report to the hostel Warden or Principal.
  18. Students are not expected to receive any kind of gifts or tips from patients and their relatives. If it is noticed by the authorities serious action will be taken against them.
  19. All students are expected to be in the classroom for roll call at 7.15am and 9.00pm every day. Absentees should be reported.
  20. By 11.30 pm all are expected to be in bed. During University examination students are allowed to study up to 12.00 pm.
  21. Ragging is strictly prohibited in Hostel & College, if found punishable.
  22. All inmates of the hostel should enter the hostel before 5.00pm after the holidays.
  23. When the hostlers go for leave should inform the mess manager and warden
  24. Students are expected to observe table manners.
  25. Students shall be liable to disciplinary actions for any breach of discipline or for improper contact.

The above mentioned rules and regulations are to be followed strictly.

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          Warden                                                                          Principal