1. Please use library effectively.
  2. The Books will be issued on Library Card system.
  3. Library Books must be handled safely, if any page found missing or torn, the particular student has to replace the new copy of that book.
  4. Absolute scielence must be observed during Library hours.Students are permitted to use Library every day during their free hours.
  5. Library Books will be issued for 2 days, then it must be returned or renewed for next two days, Students are permitted to keep Library books for 2 terms ie: 4 days only.
  6. If any student failed to return or renew the Library Books, pay Rs 5/- fine per day and Need to report before Principal.
  7. Taking refreshments, sleeping are not allowed inside the library.
  8. Files, personal books, magazines, bags, and other things are not allowed to be taken inside the library by the students.
  9. Reservation of seats in the reading area is not allowed.
  10. After use, the book & journals should be kept on the assigned places either on table for replacement purpose.
  11. Journels and magazines, Reference books are not allowed to take outside the library. If the student wants the photocopy of these books they have to inform the librarian.
  12. Books can be issued/received/renewed only with the presentation of the membership card
  13. Library users should dress modesly and long hair must be tied up.